Home Improvement Management Summit
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Dave Yoho, President
Dave Yoho Associates
Fairfax, Virginia
David Moore, Chairman
Garden State Brickface
Roselle, New Jersey
Murray Gross,
Chairman & C.E.O.

U.S. Home Systems
Dallas, Texas
George Faerber, Co-C.E.O.
Faerber’s Bee Window, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Nick Cogliani, President
Newpro Inc.
Woburn, Massachusetts

A dedicated group of Home Improvement Companies who strive to learn from each other, who meet and share data and research with the primary purpose of improving their business relationship with their customers.




I.      Honor Thy Customers and Their Values.

II.     Create a Business System that Responds to Customers’ Values.

III.    Create a “Customer Bill of Rights” and Apply it at All Levels of your Business.

IV.    Improve the Communication Skill of All Employees and Associates.

V.    Value Your Customers’ Opinions as if They were Your Own.

VI.   Each Year Budget for Training so You Present Value to Your Customers.

 VII.  Bring Added Value to your Customer via Continuing Research into the Most Modern
        Advances for Products and Services.

 VIII.  Don’t Hesitate to Sell a Higher Priced Product/Service if the Value Added Features Equal
         or Exceed the Price.

“If our business is to grow – we first must grow.”


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